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How to see beyond a noisy mind


Last night I washed and waxed my car.  This morning the car is already covered in dust.

Because I currently live down a very dusty road there isn’t any surprise about the car being dusty again, but dang.

I looked at that shiny car covered in dust and saw an analogy…


Here it is:

Dust covering the car is like mental concepts covering the True Self, it gets in the way of experiencing what is clean.

A dusty car and a noisy mind have a few things in common.  Let’s look at the dusty car first.

Although the car is covered with dust there is nothing wrong with the car itself; it runs perfectly.  The car is even clean underneath all that dust; I can see the sparkles in the paint.

The only “problem” is the dust covering the car. (This isn’t really even a problem because the car still runs perfectly.  It’s just that when I look at the car I see dust covering a car instead of directly seeing a clean car.)


The True Self is like the car and mental concepts are like the dust.  When the True Self is covered with mental concepts things look “dusty” (or cloudy, or confusing, or unfair, or something other than the Perfection that Is).

Like the car, there is nothing wrong with the True Self when it is covered with mental concepts; It is still Perfection.  Just as the car is clean underneath all that dust, the True Self is clean underneath all those mental concepts.

The only “problem” is the mental concepts covering the True Self.  (This isn’t really a problem either because the True Self is still Being ItSelf as Perfection.  It’s just that when i try to experience the True Self with a mind full of mental concepts i only experience the mental concepts covering the True Self instead of directly experiencing the True Self as the Real Me.)


OK, so now what?


Well, part of living down a dusty road means having a dusty car.  I accept that it is sometimes dusty, I clean the car, and repeat (or I move to a place without dust and accept the particulars of a different condition).

Either way, my experience of the car is wonderful as long as I realize this.


Part of living in a material world means picking up patterns and collecting mental concepts, which makes the mind seem noisy and the world seem “dusty”.  I accept that life might sometimes seem “dusty or noisy” if i don’t routinely release those patterns.  I release any and all patterns (which is how I experience the Perfection directly), and I repeat (or I live alone in a dark hole and still release all day).

Either way, the True Self is Complete and experiences Its Complete Perfection regardless of what a mind thinks or does.


So, it is not that the world is a “dusty” place.  It is that a mind filled with noise makes the world appear dusty.  If you wash away all that dust, Perfection is right Here.


Can You see It?


(Of course You can; You are It.)



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