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Do “you” ever feel like things are messy?

The Real You doesn’t ever feel like things are messy, of course, but if you are not experiencing the Real You then things might sometimes feel messy (even though they never truly are).

This morning I woke up and discovered that the balsamic vinegar bottle was tipped upside down and leaking in the food storage bin.  What a mess, balsamic vinegar everywhere!  It was saturating the storage containers, dripping from the salt and pepper, and stain-streaking the bulk supply of zip lock bags.

At that moment, it felt like too much to deal with so I left it all messy and stank.  I sat, drank some protein greens, and eventually showered.  By the time I came back from the shower the balsamic vinegar mess didn’t feel like a big deal at all.  I got down on the floor, took everything out, cleaned the bin, and then cleaned everything balsamic-stained.

When I realized that I needed to wipe down each and every zip lock bag, I realized that the process was/is like releasing mental concepts.  Here’s how it went for cleaning the bags:

  • As I began, I did not feel like I was the vinegar being wiped away.  I did not feel sad to see it go or happy that it was clearing.  I was simply a neutral, peaceful-feeling cleaner, cleaning.
  • While I wiped, I paid attention to each and every drop of vinegar and wiped each one clean.  (I did not try to multi-task; I did not try to release mental concepts while cleaning vinegar from the bags, for example.  Multi-tasking does not allow me to pay the kind of attention that is necessary for thoroughly cleaning each bag, nor does multi-tasking allow for the kind of attention that is necessary while concepts release.  So instead of multi-tasking, I paid attention to what was happening while it was happening.)
  • I did not impatiently wipe the whole bunch of bags at once because that would inevitably leave some bags stained and the whole bunch slightly sticky with a vinegar-esque quality.
  • I set up some paper towels, grabbed one bag at a time, and wiped.  Then I wiped the next one, and the next one, and the next one, until every bag was clean.
  • Once each bag was wiped, each bag was as good as new.  (It would have been a waste to throw away all those bags because underneath all that smelly vinegar, the bags were in perfect condition.)

Here’s how it goes for releasing mental concepts:

  • To begin, Realize that You are not the concepts being cleared.  You are simply the neutral, Peaceful, Presence, Being Peace while concepts release. 
  • While releasing concepts, pay attention to each concept while it is being released.  (Trying to multi-task, trying to clean the house while trying to release concepts, for example, does not allow concepts the kind of attention necessary to fully release.  Instead, pay undivided attention to each concept while it is releasing.)
  • Patiently, Loving, tend to one concept at a time.  Trying to release multiple concepts at once may make things seem “clearer”, but that process does not entirely Clear a concept.  (If the process feels impatient, stop “trying”.  Release happens easily and patiently when it is time.)
  • Be with one concept.  Feel the Love and Peace of Being what Is while mentally observing the concept dissolve.  Talk the concept through if it is helpful, “You are free to be what you are, whatever that is, however that is.  You are no longer a mental possession.  You are free.”  Wait.  Mentally observe the concept soften, relax, and let go.  Wait until it is entirely gone.  Enjoy the space left over, this is You.  Continue with each concept in the same way until there is Nothing.  (In this Nothingness is Allness; there is no separation, there is only One.)
  • As the mind clears You experience the seeming newness of what always was and always Is.  (It would have seemed like a waste to throw away the physical body in an attempt to start over because the absence of conditioned mental concepts reveals the Real You as the living Perfection.)

This morning it was balsamic vinegar that revealed an example of the Ultimate lesson, “Let go; experience Peace.”   Tomorrow it will likely be something else revealing that same lesson.

Look around.  Does something in “your” life feel like a mess, or a pain, or simply too much to deal with?  If so, that feeling lets you know it is not time to “deal” with the seeming mess.  That feeling can only keep that feeling; it cannot experience anything but that feeling.  (Those feelings have nothing to do with the Real You anyway; those feelings have only to do with a mind).  Instead, walk away, take a break, get some air.  Come back to it when it does not feel like a messy pain.  If that never seems to happen, take a longer break.




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