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Why clearing the mind Is the answer

Clearing the mind is the Absolute answer.

Changing the mind is the “relative” answer.


The Absolute experiences the absolution of ItSelf, which is Perfection.

The “relative” experiences the relativity of “separates” (a life experience separate from the True Self, separate from “others”, separate from “things”), which feels like stress.


The Absolute ONLY experiences the Perfection whereas the “relative” ONLY experiences the seeming stress (seeming because the relative experience is an illusory experience despite how real it may sometimes feel).


How is the Absolute Perfection experienced?

In an empty mind; a mind free of a sense of separation, free of conditioned mental concepts, free of beliefs.


How is relative stress experienced?

In identification with a mind, in identification with separation, conditioned mental concepts, and beliefs.


When you are ready to let go of a separate, false-sense of “me” then the answer is in the Emptiness.

If you are more interested in improving relative conditions then the answer will appear to be in relativity.  Relativity will never, ever, ever, lead you to experience the peace it seeks, however, simply because Peace is not in relativity.  Peace IS the Absolute.


Mentally “knowing” this is not enough to experience It.  (Intellectualizing is not the same as Experiencing.)

So, now the mind might “know” that it is an illusion.  It might also “know” that the ultimate answer is experienced when the mind is clear of all that “knowing”.  Now what?

Now, if you are interested in not knowing, you sit.  You wait.  You notice the mind’s patterns and you do not engage.


A mental concept shows up and you see where it came from, you see how it developed, how it came to be such a seemingly normal thing to experience.  The concept is simply a learned condition, a learned behavior, a learned belief; it is not a Real thing.

While You observe the mental concept, You realize that the concept has nothing to do with You at all.  It is simply acting out its learned behavior while You watch.

With space from what used to feel like “you” and “yours” it is easy to not feel bothered by whatever comes up because there is space between You and what the mind thinks “you” is.  Things that used to offend you no longer do because You realize that the one feeling offended is not You.  The pressure is gone in This space.  You are simply noticing the mind and its conditioning, that’s all.

There is nothing scary happening here.  Anything that initially seems scary seems scary because it has been conditioned to be thought of that way.  Wait, the seeming scariness will pass also.  It is just as unreal as everything else of the mind.

Eventually, all of the mind’s noise settles and dissolves.  The past is clear.  Now is free to be experienced as it truly Is.

Perfection is at hand.

Love is Here.

You (the Real, Absolute, You) Are the living Answer.






  1. 12-25-2013

    I am in complete agreement with this piece on the release of concepts. This all sits well with the Zen I’ve studied then purposely forgot.
    Well articulated…helps me put into words parallel thoughts of my own.

    Thank You

    • 12-27-2013

      Hello Lawrence, glad this is helpful for you. As you’ve discovered, purposely releasing this will be truly helpful for you too. 🙂

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