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feeling bothered is a trap (when you don’t engage it, you don’t feel bothered).

You can’t trust feeling bothered because that feeling will tell you that the reason you are feeling bothered is because of what you are looking at (what you are thinking about), which is not true.

This is why feeling bothered is a trap; it will try to get you to engage the mind when the answer it seeks is not of the mind.

Feeling bothered will then have you try to get some thing or some one to change, while feeling bothered until something changes (and then continuing to feel bothered by something else).

Instead of participating in that endless cycle of feeling bothered, recognize that the bothered feeling is simply an indication of not feeling right inside, and not feeling right inside is an indication of identifying with the mind and its mental concepts.  (The True Self doesn’t ever feel bothered.  It only feels the Perfection of ItSelf.)


If you feel like you need to test this out, try this:

  • Imagine something that you feel bothered by.
  • Now imagine not feeling bothered by it.


Which one feels better, more like You?


Notice that nothing “in the world” changed while you imagined both scenarios and yet you experienced a feeling change.


The mind’s likely conclusion from that example is to “be the change it seeks.”  (That conclusion is also a trap because the thing that feels like something needs to change is not You, is not Real, and will never be able to experience the Peace that You truly Are.)

What this exercise is pointing out is that the bothered feeling is “relative”.  It is dependent on mental conditions.  If you don’t identify with those mental conditions, if you don’t treat them like they are real, or you, or yours, then they lose their seeming weight.


As your attention leaves the “relative” and rests as the Absolute, you can no longer even remember what feeling bothered felt like, because You are now experiencing the Sweet, Complete, Unbotherable, Bliss that is You.










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