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the thing about gratitude…

i used to do a gratitude practice of acknowledging things i was grateful for so that i could feel “good” and have more “good” in my life.*

It seemed to work for a while.  i mentally gave thanks for my friends and family, for wholesome food, for a warm home, etc., and i continued to experience the same friends and family, food, and home as i always had.**

Then, one day I looked out into a forest of trees.  i was about to feel grateful for being there with those trees when I Realized that gratitude is separation and separation is not where feeling Good and experiencing Good really Is.***

Separation is a mind-made concept that sees and experiences itself and the world around it as separate: you, me, he, she, it, they, others, etc.  Those identifications are ways that a mind has been conditioned to see and experience a world.

That one bit of misinformation, however, is the cause of all seeming pain.  Separation is the feeling that makes a mind think it should be grateful and think it should focus on ways to get more to be grateful for.

None of that is true.  Separation is not True.

I Am not separate from the One Great Love;  I Am the One Great Love ItSelf.

There is nothing to be grateful for because there is nothing else.  There is no other.  There is only Love, only Perfection.  Be this that I Am and Experience unending Bliss.  


(Until you are ready for Bliss, a gratitude practice may help some false, separate, sense of you temporarily feel better.  So by all means, carry on if “you” feel like carrying on.  When you are done with separation and a perpetual want for more, Love is Here, no “practices” necessary.)




*(The mind that “i” used to identify with did a gratitude practice of acknowledging things it had been conditioned to believe were good.  The mind, feeling separate, felt incomplete.  Therefore, it felt like it needed more of what it had been conditioned to want.)

**(At the time, the mind was looking to a separate, material world for a way to feel right inside.  The mind thought that by acknowledging what it had been conditioned to believe as “good”, it would experience more “good”.  That idea does work.  It’s just that “good” is based on what a mind has been taught to be good which has nothing at all to do with actual Good.)

***(Good, of course, is God/Love/Presence/Oneness.)



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