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Happy New Year now, in every moment.

You can set an intention for this “new year” all you want, but the truth is, you’re going to do the same things you’ve always done as long as you think you are the thing that has to set intentions.

Well that’s kind of a downer.  Wouldn’t it sound nicer if I said, “This is IT! This is the year that all your dreams will come true!”?  Sure, that might sound nicer, but it isn’t very nice to lie to you that way.  There are plenty of people and businesses telling you those lies in an effort to keep you paying, buying in, and going along, so I definitely don’t need to join in all that mess.  If you think you need to be cheerleaded into a new year of hope, then by all means, get pumped, but look back on the years, has it ever really, truly, worked?

If you think all that cheerleading has really, truly, worked for you, then proceed.  This post is for the folks who realize the futility in hope and are ready for Bliss, now.


To experience Bliss now, a few things happen.


  • You Realize that You are NOT the thing that thinks.  You are not the self that wants, the body that craves, or the person who hopes.  You are the living Perfection, the Oneness, the Love ItSelf.


  • And just how do you experience this Perfection that You are? First, by being still.  Observe the mental thoughts without engaging them.  Experience the space from the mind’s thoughts so that You can see the mind and its patterns without feeling like you are the mind.  Relax, everything is already Complete.  (It is only the mind that thinks otherwise, and you are not the mind.)  One by one, a mental concept relaxes, loosens its seeming grip, and eventually lets go.  The mental concept dissolves into the Nothing.  You feel more and more expansive as more and more mental concepts clear.  This spaciousness is You, the Real You.


  • With a clear mind, a mind free of conditioned mental concepts, there is no want, no craving, no hope because there is no sense of separation.  There is only the Perfection of Oneness.  The body moves and experiences a World but it is no longer a world of not enough, It is a world of Complete Harmony.  This Is Home and this Home Is You.


The mind cannot intend this kind of Freedom because the mind can only intend what it has been conditioned to intend.  The mind has no way of imagining the Perfection that exists in its absence.

When you are truly ready for Freedom, there is no need for intention, no need to get pumped, and no need for cheerleading.  When you are ready for Freedom, Freedom is the only thing of interest to you and It reveals the Way.


All is truly Well.  

Love already Is.

Peace is right Here.   


Happy New Year now, in every moment.



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