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i surrender

A number of years ago, “my” mind thought it wanted things on its birthday.  It thought that there should be cake and presents, a day at the spa and dinner reservations.  When it didn’t get those things for the first time ever in its life experience, it got upset.

The mind thought that being upset might help it get what it wanted, which was to be treated like it was special and deserved a special day of special gifts and special treatment.  When being upset didn’t help the mind get what it wanted for the first time ever in its life experience, it got even more upset and when that didn’t work, the mind eventually was left without options for how to behave so it quieted and calmed down.

In the space without the mind acting all childlike for attention, I could clearly see what was happening.  I could see that the mind was simply expressing its conditioning.  It was acting out in the ways it had been taught to act by patterns.  It had been given cake and presents every year since it was one.  It had learned to feel upset when it didn’t get what it thought it wanted.

Through repetition, the mind picked up patterns and it was simply looking for those patterns to continue.  There was nothing more than that happening.  Because the mind was simply trippin’ over not getting a pattern fulfilled there was nothing to do externally in order to feel right again.  Basically, getting cake or getting presents, a day at the spa or dinner reservations was not the answer to feeling right again.  The answer to feeling right was/is clearing the patterns and experiencing the perfection of life without patterns.

During that particular pattern interruption, I realized that I was being treated wonderfully by a wonderfully loving man every single day.  I ate cake whenever I felt like eating cake and I actually went to the spa a lot during that time (there was a great spot in LA where I could soak, steam, sip tea, and relax for $15 a day!).  I was realizing that the mind was trippin’ over patterns but the mind and its patterns had nothing to do with Me.  I was not, and am not, the mind and its patterns.  I am the Empty Mind, the Peace, the Perfection, the Love Itself.

So instead of getting what the mind thought it wanted that year, it got what it needed – humility.

Today, as every day, i surrender.  i let go of all false-sense of separation.  i let everything be itself, however that is.  i know nothing.  i am nothing.  i is an illusion; it is free.

Love is Here in the Emptiness.

i happily surrender.



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