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Yoga Is what Love Is, there is no separation.

I taught a yoga class yesterday for the first time in a long while and it is still wonderful.  The movement is fun and the stretching is nice but it is the Yoga that is truly wonderful.

When I was first introduced to yoga over 12 years ago, I was told that “yoga” meant “union” – union with the True Self, which was advertised as a very peaceful state.  Twelve years ago, when I wasn’t feeling very peaceful, union sounded good.  (Now I see how “union” is a trap, but I’ll get to that.)

For years, I studied the history of yoga, learned the series of poses, learned the Sanskrit names of poses, ate a vegetarian diet, wore all white when required, chanted, retreated, sat for hours, held my arms over my head for 62 minutes at a time – you name it, I tried it, “yogic-ly” speaking.

My body definitely got stronger and more flexible throughout that time.  My mind even became more disciplined and knowledgeable.  I did not, however, experience any real increase in overall peace until years later (and the truly peaceful experience had nothing to do with “yoga”).

Sure, there were euphoric moments along the yogic journey, but that was because of breath manipulation, not because of the Realization of Oneness.  There were increased feelings of openness and adaptability, but not Bliss – not until years later.

Years after doing everything that I had been taught to do by yoga teachers and yoga “masters”, I was still easily upset, still bothered by a world I thought was real, still feeling very separate from every-seeming-thing and every-seeming-one, including the True Self.

The reason that “yoga” did not help me experience true Peace was simply because I thought that I was separate from the thing that I was trying to unify with.  I thought I was the mind and all of its thinking.  I thought I was the thoughts and the beliefs.  I thought that I needed to become something instead of Realize that I already Am what the mind was seeking.

When I finally Realized that yoga was not working as a means to experiencing True Peace, I let go of it.  At the time, letting go of yoga felt like a hard break-up; I did not want to let it go but it was so obviously not working.  It seemed that my whole life had become all things yoga.  My friends, my social-scene, the food I ate, the clothes I wore, the music I listened to – everything in my life at the time had something to do with a very commercial idea of yoga, so letting go of yoga felt like letting go of “me”.

It was definitely worth releasing.  I felt so discontent with life at the time, particularly after having spent years doing things I thought would eventually lead to Peace.  I was willing to try anything, even if that included letting go of what I thought I was.

Once the mental concepts of “yoga” cleared, I was able to experience the Emptiness, the actual Yoga.  I had read about the Emptiness but I only experienced the Emptiness when I was no longer trying to understand It, or get to It.

From Emptiness, everything is clear.  There is no separation.  There is only this Everything-ness and Nothing-ness that is Peace.  There is no need for a concept like “union” because there is nothing to unify with; I already Am.

I released the concept of yoga years ago and now let the experience of a yoga class be whatever it is.  I no longer need to get anything from a yoga class or from teaching a yoga class.  The body that I experience life with enjoys yoga as a way of moving and stretching, so the movement and stretching happens naturally, just as the teaching happens naturally.  I may loosely plan a class and a playlist but when the moment of class arrives, I let go and let the class reveal itself.  (I find myself speaking words, assisting bodies and moving through poses without thinking of what to say or knowing what do, or knowing how long to do it, and the class happens wonderfully, every time.)

This Wonderfulness is the Yoga.  Yoga is a direct experience that has nothing to do with poses or Sanskrit.  It is not about technique or food or clothes.     Yoga is simply the Thing left over when all of the mental concepts have cleared.  


Love is Here.

Peace is Here.

I Am Here.


If you find yourself in a yoga class, and you are interested in experiencing True Peace, here are a few tips that may be helpful:


Intentions are not necessary, nor are they helpful.  (They may make a temporary, relative, improvement in your life experience, but the thing that feels the need to set an intention is not you and it will never experience True Peace.  The sooner you dis-identify with the thinker, the sooner you experience the Peace.)


There is nothing to unify with.  The mind that thinks it is separate is not you.  You already Are the Perfection.  Stop paying attention to the separation and Oneness is all there is to experience.


It is not necessary or helpful to learn, understand, or speak Sanskrit in order to experience True Peace.  It may make you sound more knowledgeable to minds that value knowledge in that way, but True Peace is not experienced through the mind or through a language system that the mind developed.  True Peace is experienced in the Empty Mind.


Observe the teacher.  Is this person happy and at peace or unhappy and discontent? Does the teacher arrive to class with complaints or share complaints in class?  Is this teacher qualified to teach you about Peace?  Are you able to tell?

(It is not necessary to judge the teacher, but it is helpful to observe the teacher and decide whether this is the teacher to learn from.  Perhaps the teacher is not the one to learn how to experience Peace from, but instead she/he is the one to learn handstands from, or breathing techniques from, etc.)


Be as kind to “yourself” as is possible.  Until you are ready to completely let go of a separate sense of self, the thing that feels like you will “hurt” at times.  (It hurts because it is not experiencing the Perfection that Is.)  So if it ever feels hard to be kind to “yourself”, imagine that the thing you are being kind to is not you.  Imagine that it is something else that you really care for and then be kind to it.  Over time, you may realize that the thing feeling hurt really is not you and then, Being kind happens naturally simply because you are Being the Real You.


In the meantime, observe.

When you are ready, let go.

Love simply Is.

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