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the thing that thinks it needs to be saved is not You.

I was talking with a friend today who felt stuck.  She felt challenged by the excess weight on her body, the stress it was causing on her legs and knee, and the overwhelming feeling of needing to be saved.

She went on for a while talking about feeling burdened by a past – a violent household growing up, a father who touched her inappropriately, and her attempts at making it all go away with a peanut butter sandwich in the night or the crunch of corn chips to silence the background yelling.

“What do I do?” she asked.

“Recognize that the thing that feels those feelings is not You.” I replied.

That silenced the mind for a minute.  She closed her eyes and rubbed her heart.  She smiled, “That feels different.  That feels nice.”


It feels nice to Realize that the thing that feels all messed up and troubled is not You because that messed up feeling has nothing to do with You, the Real You.  The Real You is Complete Perfection and Complete Perfection feels nice. 

Identifying with the mind and all of its seeming suffering is the one and only great seeming pain.  Sure, it may seem like the suffering is caused by the violent childhood and the inappropriate touches, undoubtedly those experiences can contribute to the suffering feeling, but those feelings are feelings layered up on top of the already painful feeling of feeling separate from the Complete Perfection, the One Love, the Peace.

Imagine cutting a flower from its stem.  It does not immediately show signs of dying when it is first separated from the stem.  It appears vibrant and fragrant at first.  Then, as time passes, a petal falls, the flowers wilts, and it eventually shows all signs of death.  The flower did not die days after having been cut.  The flower died the moment that it was cut from the stem; it’s just that it did not appear to die until days later. 

This is similar to how life experience works.  The moment the attention shifts from Perfection to the mind, is the moment that the pain feeling occurs.  One moment You are experiencing the Bliss of Perfection as You, and the next moment, as the attention moves to the mind and its conditioned mental concepts, the thing that thinks it is “you” experiences the feeling of separation, of feeling separate, alone, wanting, and needing.  Those feelings are not You or yours.  Those feelings are of a mind.  Stay with those lost feelings, add on some violent life experience, and some molestation, and the thing that thinks it is you feels all messed up.  Stay with Perfection, as Perfection, and feel only Love. 

But what about the abuse?  What about the addiction?  What about the pain?  How do I break out of it?  How do I feel only Love?

When you hear “yourself” saying things like the following:

“I am addicted to….”

“I need to…..

“My problem is…”

“I like things to be a certain way…”





“The thing that feels addicted to ______, is not me.”

“The thing that feels the need to _______, is not me.”

“The thing that feels there is a problem is not me.”

“The thing that thinks it likes things to be a certain way is not me.”


Overtime, the space from feeling like you are the thing thinking all those thoughts will break the addiction.  Then, without feeling addicted to the mind and its noise You are able to be with each of the mind’s mental concepts in such a way that the mental concepts lose their seeming grip, they lose their seeming weight, and they simply let go.

In the dissolve, Emptiness is revealed and It is so Absolutely Beautiful.  This Beauty, of course, is You.  This Beauty is what I Am.

There is nothing to save; there is only Love.

I Am already Home.  I Am already Here.


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