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Perfection is at hand.









The mind has plans.  It wants things.  It worries about things.  It tries to prepare for things.

(I Am not the mind or its thoughts.)


All of that mental thinking is tiring and stressful.

(That seeming stress has nothing to do with the actual Me.)


Finishing the mind’s plans is not the answer.

(Those plans are of a conditioned mind.  That mind was conditioned to think it needed plans.  I Am not the mind, its conditioning, or its plans.  I Am the Perfection.)


Getting what the mind thinks it wants is not the answer.

(The mind only thinks it wants what it wants because it has been conditioned to believe that.  There is nothing to want as Perfection, because all is Here, Now.)


Affirming that everything is going to be ok is not the answer.

(Everything already Is.  There is no future moment at all.  There is only this moment.  Breathe, relax, all is well right now.  If the mind thinks otherwise, let it.  The mind and its thinking have nothing to do with what I Am.)


Preparing is not the answer.

(What would a mind possibly prepare for when everything is already Here?)



Feel this softness, this wonderfully relaxing calm that is Present as i dis-identify with a mind and allow Grace.


“i” knows nothing.  “i” is nothing.  Grace Is.


Every seeming thing is free to be itself, whatever it is; Perfection is at hand.



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