“Getting what you want doesn’t make you Happy,

Being what You Are does.”

– evan

I discovered this to be True after experiencing a lifetime of getting what “i” wanted and thinking that i was happy and then one day Realizing that “i” has nothing to do with the Real Me.  “i” was simply a collection of conditioned concepts; the True Self is Happiness ItSelf and the direct experience of Happiness is True Happiness.     

“i” had a great childhood, i did everything i was taught to have a great life, i had a  “great” life;  i had no “reason” to feel incomplete (so i thought).  The only “problem” seemed to be that nothing satisfied the strange feeling that something was never totally right, even in the really good moments.  In the really good moments, it seemed like i needed to hold on to them before they fled, or write the details down so that i could remember them later.  There was never actual peace (unconditional peace) until i let go of everything the mind believed.


Letting go of everything the mind believed was definitely not the first thing i tried when things didn’t feel right (i never even imagined clearing the mind to be an option until all other options failed).  Learning more failed to satisfy “me”, making more money failed to satisfy “me”, buying a house failed to satisfy “me”, being a vegetarian failed to satisfy “me”, yoga failed to satisfy “me”, relationships failed to satisfy “me”.  i was never interested in drugs or alcohol so i didn’t have to go down those roads to learn that those things wouldn’t satisfy “me” either.


So there i was in my seemingly “perfect”, “happy”, “life”, feeling like something was missing or simply not quite right.  That’s the funny thing about the mind, it can hold two opposing concepts at the same time.  The mind can think that everything is fine while simultaneously thinking that something needs to change.


What I eventually Realized is that nothing needs to change, not even the mind.  The reason that nothing needs to change is because the mind’s experience of the world is an illusion; there is no point in trying to change something that does not exist.

For example, if the mind is imaging an elephant in the kitchen, but there really isn’t an elephant in the kitchen, then trying to get that elephant to learn tricks is pointless.

If the mind is imaging a world where “you” are separate from everything and everyone, but there really isn’t a “you” and there really isn’t a “world”, then trying to get the mind to change its thinking is pointless.


And just what do i mean that “you” and the “world” are not Real?  I mean that the mind experiences a “relative” world, a world of separate things relating to each other, a world based on “relative” conditions.  That “world” is a world of “relativity”.  Because that world is often treated like it is real, minds tend to think that it is Real, but that is not True.

I Realized that the world “my” mind was experiencing was not true once I directly experienced Oneness as the True Self.  From Oneness I see that there are no separate things; there is no relativity because there is no other.  This world is Absolute.


The direct experience of the Absolute World is Absolute but the expressions of the Absolute are not Absolute, they are just as illusory as the mind’s mental expressions.

So what’s the point then if clearing the mind simply shifts the experience from a “relative” illusion to an Absolute illusion?

Well, technically, there is no point at all.  It doesn’t really matter if you experience life “relatively” or Absolutely because there is only One Life experiencing ItSelf as Perfection.

In “my” experience, “relative” life is a constant combination of effort and discontent, highs and lows, ups and downs, whereas Absolute Life is a constant state of effortless Peace.


All of “my” “worldly” needs are met in Absolute Life with ease as long as I don’t “seemingly” disconnect from the Absolute (the True Self/Perfection) by engaging an illusory expression.  Basically, when “things” show up as Absolute expressions, such as money or food or whatever, the point is not to start paying attention to those things as separate things and judging them good or prosperous.  Paying attention to the “things” will get “me” right back into the mind and the world of relativity.  When “things” show up, simply let them show up, let them be themselves, experience them for as long as they are here to be experienced, and continue Being the Presence ItSelf.  Perfection is at hand, Peace is Here.


This website is all about experiencing the Bliss that is the True Self.  It will only really be of interest to you if you ready to let go of every seeming thing you think you are and every seeming thing you think you believe.  When you are ready, I am Here.


how do i navigate through this website?

However it feels right at the time.


The main pages are here to explain the basics of :

why  releasing concepts is the way to experiencing the True Self

what You actually Are (and what you definitely are not), and

how to release concepts when you are ready



The blogs are here to reinforce the why, what, and how with all sorts of examples and analogies.

Blogs are categorized a few ways:


  • examples to show the mind – These blogs are simply random stories and analogies used as examples to show the mind that it is not You.  It is impossible to release the mind’s beliefs if you feel like you are the mind and its beliefs, so the point of these blogs is to help you get some space from the mind, to help you see that it is just a mind filled with conditioned beliefs that has nothing to do with the actual You.


  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions are just that, questions the mind frequently asks about releasing a lifetime of beliefs.


  • traps – A mind with concepts is always falling for traps that keep itself active.  

When i was beginning to release concepts, sometimes particular concepts would appear like they were real and not illusory concepts at all.  Thinking that a concept was real and somehow exempt from needing to be released, the mind would engage the concept and fall right into the trap of keeping the mind active. Not a major deal, it just meant that at some point the pain of identifying as a separate “person” with a belief would show me that i fell for a trap that got “me” to engage the mind.

Eventually, I realized that all mental concepts are traps.

The blogs in this section are here to point out a few traps so that you can see them coming or avoid them altogether.


  • how – “How” is such a popular question to the mind.  It always wants to know “how” to do stuff even though the mind can only do what it has been conditioned to do.  Because this website is about releasing all of the mind’s conditioned concepts (not changing them, or improving them), the mind cannot do this.

Considering that the mind cannot release everything it believes, the “how” blogs are written for those that Realize they are not the mind.

The “how” to release becomes less and less important of a question the less and less you identify with the mind.

These blogs are here to help those that are ready get started.



Ready or not, these blogs are here to help you see what you Truly Are (if you are not already experiencing It) and help you find the way to experiencing It when are ready.


a few things to consider when reading this website

Because minds have so much different conditioning, certain examples will seem perfect while others will make no sense whatsoever.  If you find yourself having that experience, that’s just the mind identifying with some conditioning and not identifying with another.  The point is to recognize that all conditioning is mental and none of it is Real; that illusory stuff is of the mind and You are not the mind.

As another note, if you ever find yourself getting offended or bothered along the way, that too is the mind and not You.  All that’s happening is the mind is feeling threatened because the beliefs it has spent a long time believing in are being revealed as illusions.  That may feel threatening to the mind, and if you are identifying with the mind, then that might feel threatening to you, but again, that silly business is the mind and not the Real You.

And as another note, if you ever find yourself feeling empowered or righteous along the way, that’s the mind too.  All that’s happening is the mind is feeling all good and proud about “thinking” it is releasing stuff when in actuality, it’s just changing its thinking.  Changing the mind’s thinking might feel good for a while, but because it’s a mind, that conditional “good” will eventually become not so good or not good enough.


What I am talking about is emptying the mind (NOT changing the mind); This is a humbling experience.


In order to experience This, you must humbly Realize that You are not the mind and its beliefs; You are the Living Perfection that is revealed in Empty Mind (and just to be really clear, you cannot force humility).



When all mental illusion fades, the only Thing remaining is Love.

I am Love, You are Love, We are Love.

Love is all there Is.


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