“Ok, i’m ready.  How do i let go?”


Are you really ready?

Being ready really matters.  You can’t fake readiness, you can’t will readiness, and you can’t even strive for readiness.  Readiness just happens, whenever, however it happens.


Imagine running a marathon, that’s 26.2 miles!  You aren’t ready to run that distance by faking it, by willing it, or even by striving to be ready to run that distance.  (Seriously, even if you want to be able to run that distance, want alone isn’t going to get you to run; you’ve got to be physically prepared).

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i’ve never ran a marathon so i don’t know exactly what kind of preparation is involved.  i did, however, “run” a half-marathon once and it wasn’t pretty.  i emphasize “run” in quotes because you could hardly call what my body did as “running”.

The first mile, sure, i gave it a good, strong start, but it didn’t take long for those hills and terrain changes to start effecting my knees. Suddenly, my form was all jacked-up, my side was cramping, and i had no business being out there.

Was i prepared, no. Did i run a lot before the race, no. Did i eat the necessary foods to prepare my body for such shocking cardiovascular endurance? No.

So, is it really any surprise that i was toast way before the half?

i thought i was ready just because i felt (foolishly) like i could do it, i wanted to do it, but i didn’t do any of the necessary preparations in order to actually be able to do it and do it well. My willingness and want had no impact what so ever on my ability to actually run those 13 miles. Even though i wanted to be ready to run, i wasn’t actually ready.


This is similar to how spirituality works.  You can want to experience the Bliss that is the True Self, but want doesn’t have a thing to do with readiness.

  • What makes a marathon runner ready to run a marathon?  The preparations necessary to run 26.2 miles.
  • What makes a person ready to release everything he/she believes?  Enough pain and/or enough success     to Realize that the material world and all of its conditions will never Truly satisfy.  (Realizing that drugs won’t make it better, money won’t make it better, a constitutional change won’t make it better, etc.  The only thing that will actually satisfy is to no longer participate in the illusory world of separation.)
  • How does that kind of readiness happen?  Exactly.


Something moves you when it is time to move you.


An alcoholic gives up alcohol only when “he/she” is ready to give up alcohol.

A drug addict gives up drugs only when “he/she” is ready to give up drugs.

A sugar addict gives up sugar only when “he/she” is ready to give up sugar.


You’re only ready when you’re ready.  


You will know when that is because the things that used to help make you feel better suddenly won’t be able to.  There will be nothing more to get, nothing more to learn, nothing more to hold onto; letting go will be the only thing left to do.  Without even “knowing” how to let go, you find your fake self falling apart.  Your fake world crumbles while You watch and the actual World is revealed.


This is Peace.  Freedom is Here.  Love is Here.  I Am Here.


Are you really ready to release every single thing that the mind believes?  We’ll see.


what to do when you ARE ready what to do when you are NOT yet ready




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