If you are ready to release everything the mind believes, then You have Realized that You are not the mind. This Realization is a huge and necessary step.

This is a huge and necessary step because you cannot release something that you identify with/as.

For example, if you think you are a bowl of soup and you think you have to stop being a bowl of soup, then you will probably feel pretty bad about being a bowl of soup and even worse about not being able to stop being that bowl of soup.

I know that’s a weird analogy, but does it make sense?  If you think you are the thing that needs to clear, then clearing it is going to be impossible.

So releasing everything the mind believes does not mean giving up being yourself, it means letting your false sense of self clear.  When you Realize that You are the True Self, You are able to be with the mind’s false sense of self in such a way that it relaxes and dissolves while You Lovingly observe its dissolve.


Here are some basic steps to releasing.

(*Please note, these steps are specific to “my” experience releasing.  The specifics don’t matter so much as the experience itself because once you are on your way, the Way reveals Itself.  I am providing these specifics simply as a tool to help get started.

Also, the releasing experience must be sincere.  If you feel impatient or burdened or anything except humble acceptance, then that is not the time to release.  Release only happens when you are in full Realization that what is being released is simply conditioned mental concepts that have nothing to do with You whatsoever.)


Realizing that You are the True Self and not the mind nor the mind’s concepts is the first step to being able to do something about clearing the mind.  From Here You are able to observe the mind’s conditioned beliefs without feeling all caught up in them.

Here are a few exercises that were helpful for “me” when I was just beginning to See what I Truly Am.

looking into the eyes

Using a small mirror, look only into the eyes.

(Get comfy, prop up the mirror in such a way that you can relax while looking into the eyes.  A large mirror will also work, but it tends to offer the mind more opportunities for distraction.  The only thing you are paying attention to in this exercise are the eyes.  They may wander at first, noticing other features of the face or the surroundings, so let the eyes wander if they feel like wandering, but wait for them to return to the center of the eyes.)

Gaze into the eyes until the mind’s noise settles and then keep on gazing.  (If you stop just as “you” start to feel better/more relaxed, etc., then you only make it to short-term “better”, not True Self Peace.  Short term “better” is definitely “better”, but eventually “better” isn’t enough.  Play with it and see how it feels.

If you stare into the eyes long enough, the True Self is the only Thing left to See.

lying down in silence

There’s nothing really special or fancy happening here.  No equipment needed (ear plugs are nice, but not required), no technique to master, no discipline necessary.

Simply lie down (or sit).  The point is to get comfy.  The point is not to be physically uncomfortable so that you master some technique that doesn’t matter.

If you fall asleep, you fall asleep (your body probably needed some sleep).  But instead of getting right up after that sleep, continue to lie down.

Hang out with whatever is happening in the mind without getting involved.  Just listen/watch the mind as you would watch a meaningless television show.  The more and more you observe the mind without engaging the mind, the less and less you feel like you are the mind and its noise.


***Note: Just because You See the True Self and Realize that this True Self is the Real You does not mean that the mind is empty of all its concepts.  This Realization is simply the beginning of dis-identification with the mind.  The next step is clearing the mind.

Now that you no longer identify with the mind and its concepts, Be with the mind while it clears.

And how exactly does this happen?

Here’s how it happens for “me”.

i get comfy in a quiet space, alone.

If i do gear up, it’s an eye pillow and ear plugs.  (Shutting down the body’s senses feels nice and helpful.)

Relaxing, i wait for whatever concept is ready to be released.  (This is a one concept at a time experience.  Each one requires undivided attention, full Presence.)

As one concept shows up in the mind (and it will as long as any are in there), I (the True Self, the Presence) Be with the concept.

Being with the concept is simply Being the Love that I Am while an illusion clears.  It’s kind of like holding a new born baby.  If you’re into babies, then you know how sweet it is to be with something so new and innocent.  Time stands still and only the tiny awes of this new seeming miracle have your attention.  This kind of delicate care is how it is to Be with a concept is while it’s clearing.

Sometimes, as i start releasing a concept, i mentally talk to the mind, “you are free.  you are free to be yourself, whatever that is, however that is.”

For “me”, that’s all i need to say before the concept starts letting go. Once it starts letting go I just sit back and Love it and Let it do its thing.

i usually mentally “see” the illusion shed in some way.  It crumbles delicately or transforms into small bits, sometimes lands at the feet of the Actual.

I wait.  It’s not done until it’s actually done, all gone, completely clear, dissolved into Nothing.

The concept disappears.

I wait.

I feel the Nothingness.  I feel the Absolute.  (This is an unconditionally Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful state of Complete Loving Acceptance.  This is the True Self.) 

I wait.

I continue to wait until another concept is ready to be released and then I Be with it while it clears.

I repeat this process until every single concept is released.

*Naturally, when i released everything the mind believed, i didn’t spend continuous days and weeks doing this process.  For example, i ate when it was time to eat, drank when it was time to drink, and went to the bathroom when it was time to go to the bathroom.  i took breaks and got back to it until everything cleared.  It took a while, but it did not take forever and for several years now, I have been experiencing the Complete Peace that is the True Self.  
This is the maintenance phase of releasing.

As long as you live in the “material” world with a physical body, the mind will pick up patterns.

This is no big deal because now you “know” what to do about it; simply keep on releasing any/all mental concepts.

(To read more about maintenance, click the link below and scroll down to the “my maintenance” section.)

more about maintenance


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    watch thoughts like they are leaves playfully blowing around in a gentle wind, with no attachment no aversion.

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