Throughout this website you will see some  Upper Case letters, lower case letters, and “quotes” where you may not normally be used to seeing them in writings.  Here’s a quick guide to what they all refer to:

Upper Case letters refer to the True Self.

For example:





**Please note that these are words used to represent What is Absolute. The words themselves are obviously not Absolute. The words are mental; the Absolute is Actual.

lower case letters refer to the mind.

For example:








“quotes” also refer to the mind. Usually they represent a mental concept.

For example:




**These are mental concepts because they are a mind’s conditioned idea of “happy”, “good”, and “bad”. (A mind thinks something is “happy”, “good”, or “bad” because it has been conditioned to believe that.)

After having said all of this, there will naturally be places throughout this website where some letters aren’t capitalized when they could be and places where some mental concepts aren’t quoted when they are clearly mental concepts.

These symbols (Upper Case, lower case, and “quotes”) are general guides so that the mind can begin to see the difference between it (the mind) and It (the True Self).

Eventually, these symbols (and all symbols) become unnecessary because Living as the True Self is a direct experience, not a theoretical one.


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