What is this you, anyway?


The mind thinks that it is you, but You are not the mind.  You are Perfection.

The mind thinks that it is you because it has been conditioned to believe that. 


Chances are, from the time “you” appeared in the body that “you” experience life with, “you” were taught things about “yourself” and the “world” around “you”.

For example, “you” are a “boy”, or a “girl”, or “transgender”… 

Just imagine all the concepts within those “labels”.  Right out of the womb “you” are called something other than what you really Are (which I’ll get to soon).  And just what is the problem with identifying as a “boy”, or a “girl”, or “transgender”?

Do I really have to break that down?  Let’s just say, those “labels” aren’t just “labels”, they are “labels” filled with mental concepts. Those mental concepts are the “laws” that most people live their life by, which means, most people are trying to fulfill a role that some other mind has come up with, for “them”, for “you”.  Ouch.


Ok, so if you are not what the mind thinks you are, then what exactly are You?


I could tell you that you are Complete Perfection all day long, but it wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful as You experiencing this Complete Perfection as your True Self.

I say this because I read many Rumi poems back in the day and not one of them actually helped me experience the Love that he described.  Sure, the poems were beautiful and dreamy, but I wasn’t interested in imagining God, I was/am interested in experiencing It.

So, I’ll just tell you that once the mind clears of all those illusory mental concepts, the Love that is left over is the Real deal.  It is Sweet, Wonderful Perfection.  The world of the mind absolves and the World of Love is all there is to see and experience.  All sense of separation vanishes as the mind’s world empties; Oneness is all there Is.  

Telling you this does not help You experience It, however.  Showing you the way does, but only if you are ready.


Still want to “know” more?  Here, you go.

if i am not the mind, then what Am I?



Ready to experience what you truly Are without “knowing” more (because you Realize that “knowing” has nothing to do with experiencing, it’s just more stuff to release)?  Let’s get started.

what to do when you ARE ready



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