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The True Self is the only Self.  You either experience It, or you don’t.


If you are experiencing the True Self then you already feel the Complete Peace of Being Complete Peace.

If you are not experiencing the True Self at this moment, then you definitely feel some sort of discontent in some part of “your” life.


So what exactly is this True Self?

Well, minds come up with all sorts of names for It: God, Absolute, Brahman, Yahweh, Lord, El, Jah, I AM, Spirit, Grace, etc.  Those names (including the name, True Self), are all mental words used to describe the Complete Perfection that is always existing and available to experience when the mind is free of conditioned mental concepts.

(Basically, when the mind isn’t thinking about what it thinks God is, or should be, or shouldn’t be, etc., then the mind is free to rest so that God can be directly experienced. It’s like the difference between thinking about drinking water and actually drinking water.  Thinking about drinking water doesn’t do a thing for the body whereas actually drinking water does.)


Let’s look at an analogy to make some more sense of this.

sun and clouds analogy

sun and clouds 

  • On a sunny day the sun shines brightly; the sun’s warmth can be felt directly and the sky is clear.
  • On a cloudy day the sun still shines brightly; it’s just that on a cloudy day clouds block the sun.


On a cloudy day, the sun’s warmth cannot be felt directly and the sky is not clear, but that does NOT mean that the sun is no longer shining.  It simply means that the sun cannot be directly experienced because it is being blocked by clouds.


If you are trying to experience the sun on a cloudy day, chances are, you don’t try to change the sun.  (If you are trying to change the sun on cloudy days this website is definitely not for you.)

Here are a few more things you most likely don’t do when trying to experience the sun on a cloudy day:

  • You don’t try to get the sun to shine brighter or better because the sun is always shining completely just by being itself; the sun does not even know that you are not experiencing it.
  • You don’t try to change the clouds into different clouds or better clouds when you are trying to experience the sun because clouds are clouds; they all block the sun.

The only way to directly experience the sun is to be where there are no clouds blocking the sun.


the True Self and mental concepts

  • The True Self is like the sun; the True Self is always being ItSelf as Complete and Perfect Peace.
  • Mental concepts are like the clouds; they block the direct experience of the True Self.


The True Self is still being ItSelf while the mind is full of concepts, it’s just that with a mind full of concepts the True Self cannot be directly experienced.


If you are trying to experience the True Self with a mind full of concepts you will only experience the mind’s mental concepts just like you will only feel the cloud’s shade on a cloudy day.

  • To experience the True Self, you don’t try to change the True Self.  You don’t try to get It to favor you or help you ‘just this one time’ because the True Self is always Blissfully Being Itself; The True Self does not even know that there is some separate sense of self called ‘you’ that is not experiencing Bliss.
  • To experience the True Self, you also don’t try and change the mental concepts into different concepts or better concepts because concepts are concepts; they all block the direct experience of the True Self.


The only way to directly experience the True Self is to Be without concepts blocking the True Self.

This is where the releasing everything you believe part comes in.  (And by, “you”, I mean, “the mind”, which, of course, is NOT the Real You.  That is simply what you think you are if you identify with the mind and all of its mental concepts.)

When there is nothing left for a mind to think about,

a mind’s relative “world” dissolves and the actual World is revealed.

Love is Here.

Peace is Here.

I Am Here.

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